A1A Dog Training   
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A1A's Ways to Better Behavior:
Private Inhome Training:  Behavior Problems & Obedience
 AKC:  STAR Puppy, Canine Good Citizen & Community Canine 
Therapy and Service Dog Training 

Contact:  a1adogtraining@yahoo.com

Recommending Our Training...

“It is without hesitation that I recommend Sherrie Keshner for your canine companion training or behavior challenges." read more...
Darlene L. Schmitt, C. Ped., L. Ped., CTM

"...I am very excited and pleased with our progress and credit that to Sherrie, her teaching style, and her helpful hints. I would and have highly recommended Sherrie and A1A Training to others." read more...
Mary Louk & Little Bit

"Our dog, Percy is a rescue dog that we adopted  somewhere around 1 year old; and, who has had behavior problems from day one.  We tried everything – DVD’s, TV shows, books, etc.  It wasn’t until I was able to work with Sherrie at Canine Camp before I could see a significant positive change in his behavior.  We still have work to do, but I now have somewhere to turn where I can work with Percy in confidence."
Diane Dowling & Percy

"I am thrilled with the difference in behavior we both are demonstrating!!! Thanks for such a great experience!!" read more...
Jean & MacCairn Thompson

"...Sherrie Keshner is awesome! One could only be so lucky to have someone who cares as she does." read more...
Becky Kent

“Logan and Aqua have learned so much, especially how Logan can be a leader to her dog, rather than just a sibling or playmate. We truly appreciate all you do and continue to do.” read more...
Truly, The Holanchock's and Aqua of course

A1A Dog Training... 

...offering a variety of proven, positive dog training services, including private inhome and group classes:

Inhome Problem-Solving
AKC Canine Good Citizen
Therapy and Service Dog Training



In-house Behavior Workshops

Our fun, effective and educational training methods increase canine confidence, calmness and self-control; while reinforcing you as your dog’s natural leader.

Private behavior sessions for canine problem-solving, such as: aggression, anxiety, resource guarding, pack placement, alpha dog / dominance, house training, destructive chewing, barking, biting, and more.

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